T-FLEX has been exporting products to 27 countries&regions in the world.

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T-FLEX has been exporting products to 27 countries®ions in the world. 

T-FLEX INDUSTRIES LTD.(the Company) is a class leading manufacture of concrete vibrators, flexible shaft pump; flexible shaft; rubber hose. Our dedicated in-house Research and Development Division and Quality and Assurance Division ensure the design and quality of our products are the most advanced and durable in the industry.

T-FLEX INDUSTRIES LTD.has the ISO9001:2000 and CCC certification.The manufacturing plant has over 10,000 square meters of space. The current production capacity is 700 numbers of concrete vibrator or pump. In addition, the Company also has high production capability for heavy-duty rubber casing and flexible shaft. We have facility for all stages of the heavy-duty rubber casing production; including rubber extruding, strip steel making and wire net braiding.

T-FLEX INDUSTRIES LTD.are the OEM manufacturer for many companies in the concrete vibrator industry. The Company has a very strong presence and good reputation internationally, and currently export to over 20 countries among five continents. We use different types of couplings, casing and assembly parts in the manufacturing process to meet our clients’ need.


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